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Renzo CarosioWelcome in the website of the Cane Corso Saxellum kennel. We made in this website a resolute restyling to render it even more navigable and interesting for numerous fans of the Canecorso breed that every day contact us. Thank'you for your kind attention for my kennel and my dogs. We are very proud to receive every day testimonials of respect and friendship from all the world. This means that the kennel is working well and its Cane Corso selection is esteemed all over the place. With kindest regards ...

Saxellum Kennel

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Saxellum viewSaxellum Cane Corso kennel is situated in the farm named "Cascina della Rocca" in Melazzo, province of Alessandria in north west part of Italy, at one hour and half of car from Milan, Turin and Genoa. The kennel have the official certification of the medical veterinary office and it can give hospitality at forty adult dogs. The boxes where are the dogs are very big, the open part have a length of mt. 9,50. Around the kennel there is a green space of about 22.000 mq.
The Cane Corso on magazines and VHSIn this section we want to show you some handbills of magazines that in this years do honour to us to publish on their first page some pictures about Cani Corso of our kennel. We are very proud that our dogs take as one's model in the presentation of the breed by magazines. This, however, is for us always and only a reason for to go away again. We thank with all one's heart all for the interest about Cane Corso Saxellum kennel in this years.
Fiction Elisa di Rivombrosa

Saxellum ciak

Some years ago the Saxellum kennel has been contact from production of the known television kolossal "Elisa di Rivombrosa" to supply some Cani Corso to act in this fiction that has been the film Tv most important in the history of the italian television. We want to show some pictures of the backstage where some our dogs play a part at actors side as Luca Ward, the actor that dubs Russel Crowe in the film " The gladiator". Thank'you for the honour.
Backstage Fiction Elisa di Rivombrosa
Backstage Fiction Elisa di Rivombrosa
Backstage Fiction Elisa di Rivombrosa


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Analysis about Cane Corso

Montopoli di Sabina ... research about Cane CorsoThe request to the A.I.C.C. to verify some works concerning dogs, which emerged in reference to a complex and complete research on the origins and the history of Montopoli di Sabina (a town near Rieti and Rome - Italy), was the beginning of a historical research on the breed. For the important results, this research is considered at moment the most ancient documentation on the italian Cane Corso breed.
The type of the breedThey often talk nonsense about Cane Corso in type or about head with correct ratios or again about dysplasia, angles and all that concerns the physical structure of the Canecorso breed. A serious breeder can't get out of expounding his customers clearly and with simplicity what means some words. In this section we will try to dispel through pictures the doubts about this topic.
Allevamento Cane Corso Saxellum (Val d'Erro) di Renzo Carosio - Melazzo (AL) Italy - 0039 - 3472549159
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